💡Supported Partners


CryptoCart is constantly striving to build and maintain strong strategical partnerships with all types of projects due to the utility we can add to any ecosystem. Generally in the crypto space most partnerships between two projects / tokens are purely for marketing purposes and used to raise awareness of eachothers projects. We however, are different.

CryptoCart allows partnered projects to have their tokens utilized as a spendable currency at the checkout stage for any goods or services offered on CryptoCart. Every partner we onboard becomes a spendable currency at over 3000+ top global vendors, instantly. Not only does this add tremendous utility to our partners token, it has attracted and continues to attract some of the biggest projects in the space.

Since launch, we have managed to secure some strong partnerships with some great projects making a real difference in the decentralized finance space. Below you can find a full list of our partners including some very well-known names such as Chainlink, Zilliqa, XCAD Network, MetisDAO, Yieldification, PAAL AI, and many more.

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