🪙Tiered Discounts

Shop smarter and save with our tiered discount system!

At CryptoCart, we believe in rewarding loyalty in a big way. Our tiered discount feature is designed to do just that. It's simple, the more tokens you hold, the larger your discounts become. Whether you're eyeing that sleek gadget, stylish apparel, or the latest tech trends, now you can shop smarter and save bigger.

Owning CryptoCart tokens automatically enrols you for exclusive savings. No need to jump through hoops – your rewards are ready and waiting. The more you hold, the larger the discounts. Your discounts are immediately applied at checkout. It's that instant feeling of triumph as you pay less than the tag price.

Below are our current tier brackets:

Our tiered discount system has been developed in a way to be easily adjustable. For example, if our token price fluctuates massively, the discounts will either become impossible to obtain or unsustainable; hence why we’ve built it to be easily adjustable. The bottom tier will be the easiest to obtain, which will give you a minimal discount. The top tier will be for only a few of the largest holders, and a lot harder to obtain. We're under no illusion we will nail the brackets to be sustainable instantly, and may take a few alterations of the brackets to maintain sustainability of the token whilst providing utility for our holders.

It is also important to note that we've designed the system so users cannot buy the max tier, checkout a card and sell their tokens again. Whilst the discount will be offset by our smartcontract tax, we have designed it in a way to monitor the amount the user is holding at a certain time prior to their purchase, hence why your discount may not display automatically.

To attach your wallets, you can do so in your account area under the "Discount Wallets" section.

There are no limitations on how many wallets you can connect. If you have your tokens spread across multiple wallets, or multiple chains, you can still connect your wallets and our system will calculate your total holdings and they will be reflected in your discount total. When connecting your wallets, you will be asked to sign a transaction. This is simply so we can confirm that you own the account. No transactions take place and you will not be charged a gas fee for adding your wallet. Do not be alarmed if your discounts are not automatically reflected after connecting your wallets for the first time, it can take up to 30 minutes to display your discount tier.

At checkout, you will see your total discount before making payment.

Get ready to shop, save, and smile with CryptoCart. Your discounts, your way.

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