CryptoCart Docs


This page is to provide transparency and a better understanding of the full CCV2 tokenomics.

The CryptoCart Token (CCV2)

Contract Address - 0x612e1726435fe38dd49a0b35b4065b56f49c8f11
Our contract address is the exact same on both the Ethereum Chain and the Binance Smart Chain.
Maximum Supply - 1,000,000
Circulating Supply - 808,000. This will continuously decrease as our CryptoCart Vault continues to accumulate supply from token and platform volume.
Buy Tax - 0%
Sale Tax - 2% is automatically transferred to the CryptoCart Vault.

Team Tokens - 50,000. Since inception back in 2021, our team tokens have remained untouched and have not been required to cover any costs due to all developments being done in-house.

CryptoCart Vault - 70,000+. This will continuously increase with token and platform volume. For more information regarding how the CryptoCart works, please refer below.

Reward Pool Tokens - These tokens are used to fund staking pools, cashback events, giveaways and tiered discounts.

Token Distribution

On the topic of tokenomics, we thought it would be good to touch on our current token distribution, and give a little insight to the top wallets.
  1. 1.
    Uniswap Liquidity Pool
  2. 2.
    Rewards Pool
  3. 3.
    CryptoCart Vault
  4. 4.
    Tokens in our Ethereum Bridge to facilitate cross chain bridging.
  5. 5.
    Team Tokens
Wallets 6 - 10 are all community members that bought their tokens on the open market. As it stands right now, only 5 holders own above 2% of the supply, 6 holders own above 1% of the supply, and the rest is sub 1%. We have never had any type of investment from any VCs, nor do we have any token unlocks.