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The CryptoCart platform provides access to over 3,000 brands across 53 countries, offering a diverse selection of gift card options. The platform is live and fully automated across five different networks; Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Andromeda, and Polygon. Currently we support over 70+ currencies as payment options on our platform

CryptoCart was designed to provide a platform where users can spend their cryptocurrencies directly to purchase gift cards from a wide range of popular brands. The platform was launched to offer a seamless, user-friendly experience for crypto enthusiasts who want to utilize their digital assets in everyday life.

When we launched back on April 24th 2021 on the Ethereum Network, the platform was initially very basic with a limited range and required manual processing of orders. While it was a significant step, we encountered a few challenges and delays in order fulfilment, which left some of our community members less than satisfied. Recognizing the need for automation, we made it our top priority. We worked tirelessly to automate our processes, resulting in faster deliveries, elimination of human error, and real-time stock updates. This achievement marked a significant milestone for us.

However, this was just the first big step. We then extended our vision to multiple blockchain networks, ensuring seamless and efficient transactions for you, our valued users. All this was achieved without the need to sell any tokens or seek external investments. Everything we've done has been for our community, by our community.

Today, we are proud to have built a truly user-friendly, infinitely scalable headless e-commerce system, supporting multi-vendor API's, displaying live stock for over 3000+ cards which can be whitelabeled and integratable into other platforms. Work has not stopped there. We have recently released our next steps for platform improvements in our Growth Paper which can be found below.

Additionally, ontop of it being a multi vendor indefinately scalable headless e-commerce system, we've built it in a way to be completely whitelabeled. The idea for our whitelabel solution is to open up a few of them to start with for our key partners in the near future to not only add utility to their own token and them having their own dedicated platform powered by CryptoCart, but to directly help funding of our CryptoCart Vault for our holders. Every single purchase on our store, or volume through our token essentially will lower the overall supply and increase the price of the token. More on the CryptoCart Vault can be found here:

💰pageThe CryptoCart Vault

As an example situation, if we roll out 5 dedicated whitelabel stores for our partners on the first release, not only will we reap the exposure from their communities highlighting what we are building, we would be making a commision on every single order through them, at no markup to the customer or project. Commision ranges anywhere from 0.1% - 4%, and on the rare occasion slightly higher dependant on the card. If we put a base average of around 2%, below are some rough figures for what the vault would be buying back and removing from the open market at todays prices ($1.20 at time of writing):

Store VolumeBuyback Amount% of total supply










Take the above breakdown with a pinch of salt, it should only be used to gain an idea of how all volume directly impacts the price floor and circulating supply. %'s of the supply bought will vary based on token price. Everything for every whitelabel store will be completely automated, and all plugged into our API's, and customizable to their branding. We would manage all support, back-end payments, maintenance, etc. Below you can find an example mockup of what the whitelabel store can look like.

This whitelabel mockup has not gone live, and is just for educational / demononstration purposes.

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