CryptoCart Docs

User Guide

The purpose of this user guide is to provide you a hassle-free online shopping experience. Over the last year we have continuously taken community feedback and worked on improving our UX & UI to make it as simple as possible to navigate. This user guide is your all-in-one resource, providing step-by-step instructions for each part of the store, from start to finish. Below is a videographic we created to demonstrate the order process workflow:
Step 1: Choose the gift card you wish to purchase. We currently offer over 3000+ global vendors from across the globe.
Step 2: Select your favourite cryptocurrency as a payment option.
Step 3: Checkout. And voila, you will receive your cards that are instantly spendable within a couple of minutes.

Over the last year, we have spent considerable time fine-tuning the platform to be as user friendly as possible; for even the most novice user to understand. However, we're under no illusion some people may have difficulty, hence the reason for this guide.
Upon heading onto our store, our system will automatically detect where you are shopping from and by default display giftcards relevant to your country. For example, if you are viewing from the USA, by default you will be displayed with all the most popular cards in the USA. If you are looking to purchase a gift card supported in a country outside your own, you can click on the browse by country drop down menu in the header of the store, and click the country of your choosing. To date, we support over 50 different countries globally.
The most common way of searching for anything is via our search bar. You can use this to simply enter the gift card you are looking to purchase, and clicking on the gift card.
Desktop View
Alternatively, you can browse through our category list to view all gift cards based on your location. The categories range from Clothing, Food, Homeware, Travel and many more. To narrow down your search, you can click on the category and it will display all cards in the category chosen relevant to the country you are viewing from.
Desktop View
To view all gift cards we offer based in your country, you can click on "All Gift Cards" at the top of the category list and scroll through the full range.

Adding to Cart

Once you've found the gift card you want to purchase, you can either input the amount via text in the amount box, or use the + and - denomination selector. This will automatically update the estimated price box next to it showing how much it would cost in different currencies. Once you're happy with the amount, you can click the green "Add to Cart" button which will automatically update your basket.
From here, you can either keep browsing for additional gift cards following the steps above, or head to checkout by clicking the shopping cart icon underneath the header of the page.
Desktop View


After adding your selected gift cards to your basket, you will arrive at the Checkout page. This will clearly layout your order, the gift cards selected, their individual values, and provide a total order amount underneath. At this point, you can manually edit the gift card value before purchase by clicking in the box and typing in the new amount. Once you're happy with your order, you can scroll down to connect your wallet.
When connecting your wallet, we currently support:
  • MetaMask
  • Coinbase Wallet
  • Wallet Connect
In the future, we do plan on adding additional wallet connections.
Once your wallet is connected, it will automatically display all tokens accepted as a payment method based on the blockchain you have selected in your wallet. You can scroll through, click which token you would like to pay with, and the page will take you to your details where you will able to checkout.
You will be prompted to fill in the receiving email address, and a summary of your order details including the USD value and the value of the coin you are paying in. If you are happy with everything related to your order, click the blue "Pay in Wallet" button underneath which will prompt a transaction for the order total amount. And voila, your order has been made.
Desktop View

Receiving my Gift Card

Once you have placed your order, you will automatically be notified that your order has been placed, followed by a processing email which will include your order number. This will automatically take you to your account section where you can view all your orders in real time, and the status of each order.
Upon completion, the order status will update from "Processing" to "Order Complete", and you will receive an email notification letting you know the order is complete. A majority of orders complete within a matter of minutes, if your order takes longer than 15 minutes to complete there is a direct email address on your order to notify us to investigate.
To view your gift card, you can simply click on your order in your account section and there will be a direct link to your gift card which is instantly spendable either online, or in store.