📊Token Utility

Our native CryptoCart token (CCV2) plays a crucial role in the CryptoCart ecosystem, and over the years we have been continuously looking to add additional utility to our token for the benefit of our holders. Below you can find a full list of our token utility.

Tiered Discounts

At CryptoCart, we believe in rewarding loyalty in a big way. Our tiered discount feature is designed to do just that. It's simple, the more tokens you hold, the larger your discounts become. Whether you're eyeing that sleek gadget, stylish apparel, or the latest tech trends, now you can shop smarter and save bigger.

Owning CryptoCart tokens automatically enrols you for exclusive savings. No need to jump through hoops – your rewards are ready and waiting. The more you hold, the larger the discounts. Your discounts are immediately applied at checkout. It's that instant feeling of triumph as you pay less than the tag price. You can read more information in depth regarding the different tiers and more specfics below:

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CryptoCart DAO

The CryptoCart DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization designed to empower holders by giving them a voice in decision-making processes. Holders will have the opportunity to vote on various proposals and steer the direction of developments within the ecosystem.

As outlined in our growth paper CryptoCart has always been community driven, everything we've ever built is based on community request. The CryptoCart DAO is a community-driven platform where YOU have a say in the future of CryptoCart. As a holder, you'll have the opportunity to vote on various proposals on key decision making to shape the future of CryptoCart. Your voting power will be reflected by how much CCV2 you hold. Initially, proposals will be made by the team and the community will have the voting power to pass, reject, or suggest improvements on them. Through the introduction of the DAO, you are able to voice your opinion on key decisions and steer the future of CryptoCart.

Holder Cashback Events

Holder only cashback events are exclusive promotions we continuously run throughout the year for those who hold CCV2 tokens and use our platform. It is just a token of our appreciation to continuously give back to our users that actively use the store and hold our token. Below are just a few examples of some of the promotional events we run for our community members:

CryptoCart Vault

The CryptoCart Vault is a key component of the CryptoCart ecosystem. Across our entire gift card catalog, all volume through our platform; whether that is in another coin, or on a future whitelabel store, CryptoCart makes a commision at no cost to the customer. All commissions earned are used to directly purchase tokens from the open market and move them out of circulation into the CryptoCart Vault. As part of our smart contract, we have also implemented a mechanism where 2% of all sales funds the CryptoCart Vault. This vault accumulates value over time, which can be used for various purposes beneficial to the community, but is currently used to remove supply from circulation. It's part of CryptoCart's commitment to creating a truly decentralized and community-driven project. Below you can view the CryptoCart Vault address:

To date, just over 7% of the total supply has been removed from circulation, which will continuously grow with volume through our platform and our coin.

The idea for whitelabel stores is to open up a few of them starting for our key partners to not only add utility to their own token, but provide them their own dedicated platform powered by CryptoCart, which will also directly help the funding of our CryptoCart Vault for our holders. Every single purchase on our store, or volume through our token essentially will lower the overall supply. To learn more information regarding the CryptoCart Vault, you can do so below:

💰pageThe CryptoCart Vault

Betting with CCV2

As part of our partnership with Wicked Bet Casino, our CCV2 token will be listed on the Wicked Bet platform once beta has concluded. This will make CCV2 a spendable currency to place lottery bets, casino bets, and sports bets.


Using CCV2 as collateral

As part of our partnership with Yieldification, our CCV2 token is listed on the yieldification perps platform, and can be used as collateral to trade all of your favourite coins with up to 150x leverage.


CCV2 as escrow service

As part of our partnership with Vault AI, we have had our CCV2 token listed on the Vaults Escrow Telegram bot where our community can utilise their escrow, OTC, and P2P services.



In the past, we launched a total of three separate CCV2 staking pools to incentivize and reward holders for their participation and removing part of the circulating supply. By staking their tokens, holders earned a passive income at a variable APR over a 6 month period emitting 3% of the total supply as rewards. All staking contracts were pre audited by both Certik and Omniscia. There are currently no active pools at the moment, but something we are going to look at reintroducing in the near future.

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