CryptoCart Docs


Since launch in early Q2 of 2021, Cryptocart has undergone a staggering display of innovation since its inception. Within only a few months of launch, CryptoCart went for preliminary test-net to a fully working main-net, as we worked tirelessly to achieve its almost unattainable goals. While we did encounter several setbacks in terms of attempting to automate the system, as at the time all our orders had to be processed manually, this did not stop us from doing what we do best, listening to our community. With automation taking a slight backseat, we focused on developing a staking platform, and launching the token on Binance Smart Chain, as we wanted everyone to be able to have the opportunity to hold the token, and the community had spoken about how this became somewhat unrealistic on Ethereum, due to the high gas prices during that time. Not only did we complete the staking platform, and co-launching the token on BSC, but we also built a bridge in order for users to seamlessly transfer their tokens between chains.
Later that year, the automation process was finally completed, which removed the wait times, as well as human error from the ordering process, which vastly improved the experience for all users. With one of the major milestones under their belt, we turned towards expanding the reach of Cryptocart, by spending the next year adopting payment systems across 3 additional blockchains, and integrating strategic partnerships in order to spread the word about our innovative system among as many communities as possible. We done this by securing long term strategical partnerships with some of the most reputable communities in the space.
Amongst all developments we rolled out, the need for an improved UI & UX was essential, and one of the most common feedback we received from our community. Over the past few years, our platform has seen many fresh looks, and below you can find a comparison from the original platform when we launched, to our current store today:
2021 - Initial store when we first launched.
Whilst it was fit for purpose at the time, to need for improvement was evident. Whilst all developments was ongoing, we worked on a complete rebrand which was launched in early 2022:
2022 - First rebrand
When our rebrand went live, we received a lot of positive feedback. It was easier to use, easier to navigate, and overall looked a lot nicer. We was extremely happy with the feedback, but still felt something was missing. Whilst it was not a priority, our fresh new rebrand that went live is a look we're extremely proud of, and feel is by far our best so far:
During this time, in the background, we was still tirelessly working on the development of the pride and joy of this project, and an essential part of Cryptocart that we had been promising since inception; The Tiered Discount System. As stated before, this system allows all holders to benefit from a discounted price when purchasing giftcards on the CryptoCart platform. More information on our Tiered Discounts can be found here:
Now that the two major milestones of the project have been completed, we turned our eyes towards the future once more. We have developed a growth paper that outlines where the future leads, how we plan on achieving it, and what it will mean for this project. Below are a list of things that are still in development found in our growth paper, including:
  • Mobile Wallet Application. For easy storage and management of all giftcards purchased on the platform
  • Catalouge improvements
  • Expansion to additional blockchains
  • Trending Coins introduction
  • Trust Pilot integration
  • BTC lightning network
  • CryptoCart Blog
  • CryptoCart Newsletter
  • Referral Programs
  • X / Twitter DM API's
  • & much more which can be found in our growth paper