💰The CryptoCart Vault

The CryptoCart Vault is a key component of the CryptoCart ecosystem. Across our entire gift card catalog, all volume through our platform; whether that is in another coin, or on a future whitelabel store, CryptoCart makes a commision at no cost to the customer. All commissions earned are used to directly purchase tokens from the open market and move them out of circulation into the CryptoCart Vault. As part of our smart contract, we have also implemented a mechanism where 2% of all sales funds the CryptoCart Vault. This vault accumulates value over time, which can be used for various purposes beneficial to the community, but is currently used to remove supply from circulation. It's part of CryptoCart's commitment to creating a truly decentralized and community-driven project. Below you can view the CryptoCart Vault address:

To date, just over 7% of the total supply has been removed from circulation, which will continuously grow with volume through our platform and our token.

Additionally, the rollouts of our whitelabel stores will also play a big part in the growth of the CryptoCart Vault. The idea for our whitelabel solution is to open up a few of them to start with for our key partners in the near future to not only add utility to their own token and them having their own dedicated platform powered by CryptoCart, but to directly help funding of our CryptoCart Vault for our holders. Every single purchase on our store, or volume through our token essentially will lower the overall supply and increase the token price. More on how the whitelabel solutions will work, and the impact it can have can be found here:

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